And no one could have predicted whats happening now

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Unformatted text preview: round for a few minutes to visit, or to have one last word with Mr. and Mrs. Fargarson. Sheriff McNatt caught my attention and nodded as if he wanted to talk. We walked to the front of the church where no one could hear us. He was in uniform with his standard toothpick in his mouth. "Any luck with Wilbanks?" he asked. "No, just the one meeting," I said. "Harry Rex went back yesterday and got nowhere." "I guess I'll talk to him," he said. "You can, but you won't get anywhere." The toothpick shifted from one side of his mouth to the other, in much the same way Harry Rex could slide his cigar over without missing a word. "We got nothin' else. We've combed the woods around the house, not a track or a trace of anything. You're not printin' this, are you?" "No." "There are a bunch of ol' loggin' trails deep in the woods around the Fargarson place. We've tiptoed everyone of 'em, found absolutely nothin'." "So your only evidence is a single bullet." "That and a dead body." "Has anybody seen Danny Padgitt?" "Not yet. I keep two cars up on 401, where it turns to go into the island. They can't see everything, but at least the Padgitts know we're there. There are a hundred ways off and on the island, but only the Padgitts know them all." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, The Ruffins were slowly moving toward us, talking to one of the black deputies. "She's probably the safest one," McNatt said. "Is anybody safe?" "We'll find out. He'll try again, Willie, you mark my word. I'm convinced of it." "Me too." - --- Ned Ray Zook owned four thousand acres in the eastern part of the county. He farmed cotton and soybeans, and his operations were large enough to maintain sufficient profits. He was rumored to be one of the few remaining farmers who made good money from the soil. It was on his property, de...
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