Grisham John The Last Juror

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Unformatted text preview: ; he said proudly. "The town's only publisher. Now off." No one recognized me for the first half block. Two farmers in front of the feed store gave me a look, but then I didn't like the way they were dressed either. I felt like Harry Rex with the cigar. Mine was lit, though, and very strong. I sprinted by his office. Mrs. Gladys Wilkins ran her husband's insurance agency. She was about forty, very pretty and always well dressed. When she saw me she stopped dead in her tracks, then said, "Why Willie Traynor. Don't you look distinguished." "Thank you." "Sorta reminds me of Mark Twain." I walked on, feeling better. Two secretaries did double-takes. "Love that bow tie," one of them called to me. Mrs. Clare Ruth Seagraves stopped me and talked on and on about something I'd written months earlier and had forgotten. As she talked she examined my suit and bow tie and hat and didn't even mind the cigar. "You look quite handsome, Mr. Traynor," she said finally, and seemed embarrassed by her candor. I walked slower and slower around the square and decided that Mitlo was right. I was a professional, a publisher, an important person in Clanton even if I didn't feel too important, and a new image was in order. We'd have to find some weaker cigars, though. By the time I completed my tour of the square, I was dizzy and had to sit down. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Mr. Mitlo ordered another blue seersucker and two light gray ones. He decided my wardrobe would not be dark like lawyers' and bankers', but light and cool and a bit unconventional. He dedicated himself to finding me some unique bow ties and proper fabrics for the fall and winter. Within a month Clanton was accustomed to having a new character around the square. I was getting noticed, especially by the opposite sex. Harry Rex laughed at me, but then his own outfits were comical. The ladies loved it. Chapter Twenty-Two In late September there were two notable deaths in one week. The fir...
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