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Unformatted text preview: nt that "... our nation was built by the blood of our soldiers. Wars will always be with us." She responded: "Wars will be with us as long as ignorant and greedy men try to impose their will on others." Kirk Wallace took exception to Mrs. Mattie Louise Ferguson's rather exhaustive description of me. In his final paragraph he wrote, "Sadly, Mrs. Ferguson would not know a Communist, a liberal, a traitor, or a carpetbagger if she met one. Life out in Possum Ridge protects her from such people." The following week, I devoted yet another full page to the thirty-one letters from the students. There were also three late arrivals from the warmongering crowd, and I printed them too. The response was another flood of letters, all of which I printed. Through the pages of theTimes, we fought the war until Christmas when everyone suddenly called a truce and settled in for the holidays. - --- Mr. Max Hocutt died on New Year's Day 1972. Gilma knocked on my apartment window early that morning and eventually got me to the door. I'd been asleep for less than five hours, and I needed a full day of hard sleep. Maybe two. I followed her into the old mansion, my first visit inside in many months, and I was shocked at how badly it was deteriorating. But there were more urgent matters. We walked to the main stairway in the front foyer where Wilma joined us. She pointed a crooked and wrinkled finger upward and said, "He's up Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, there. First door on the right. We've already been up once this morning." Once a day up the stairs was their limit. They now were in their late seventies, and not far behind Mr. Max. He was lying in a large bed with a dirty white sheet pulled up to his neck. His skin was the color of the sheet. I stood beside him for a moment to make sure he wasn't breathing. I had never been called upon to pronounce someone dead, but this was not a close call—Mr. Max looked as though he...
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