As his hands rose higher above his head his pants

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Unformatted text preview: t she had not agreed with the verdict, but it was nothing definite. In the weeks after the verdict there had been an avalanche of speculation. Most courthouse regulars had settled on the theory that three, maybe four, of the jurors had refused to vote for the death penalty. Miss Callie was generally considered not to be in that group. "Did the Padgitts get to them?" he asked. We were easing into the long shaded front drive of Clanton High School. "That's the prevailing theory," I said. "But no one really knows. The last death penalty in this county for a white defendant was forty years ago." He stopped his car and we looked at the stately oak doors of the school. "So it's finally integrated," he said. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "It is." "Never thought I'd see it." He smiled with great satisfaction. "I used to dream of going to this school. My father worked as a janitor here when I was a little boy, and I would come over on Saturdays and walk those long hallways and see how nice everything was. I understood why I wasn't welcome here, but I never accepted it." There was not much I could add to this, so I just listened. He seemed more sad than bitter. We finally drove away and crossed the tracks. Back in Lowtown, I was amazed at the number of fine automobiles with out-of-state tags that were parked tightly in the streets. Large families sat on porches in the frigid air; children played in the yards and the streets. Other cars arrived, all with brightly wrapped packages in the rear windows. "Home is where Momma is," Leon said. "And everybody comes home for Christmas." As we stopped near Miss Callie's, Leon thanked me for befriending his mother. "She talks about you all the time," he said. "It's all about lunch," I said, and we both laughed. At the front gate, a new aroma wafted from the house. Leon froze, took a long whiff, said, "Pumpkin pie." The voice of experi...
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