As we were walking back through the woods harry rex

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Unformatted text preview: other guests think when they heard gunfire? Nothing. It happened all the time. Rafe took my handgun and faced the target. "For starters, spread your legs to shoulders' width, bend the knees slightly, use both hands like this, and squeeze the trigger with your right index finger." He demonstrated as he spoke, and, of course, everything looked easy. I was standing less than five feet away when the gun fired, and the sharp crack jolted my nerves. Why did it have to be so loud? I had never heard live gunfire. The second shot hit the target square in the chest, and the next four landed around the midsection. He turned to me, opened the cylinder, spun out the empty cartridges, and said, "Now you do it." My hands were shaking as I took the gun. It was warm and the smell of gunpowder hung heavy around us. I managed to shove in the six cartridges and snap the cylinder shut without hurting anyone. I faced the target, lifted the gun with both hands, crouched like someone in a bad movie, closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. It felt and sounded like a small bomb of some sort. "You gotta keep your eyes open, dammit," Harry Rex growled. "What did I hit?" "That hill beyond the oak trees." "Try it again," Rafe said. I tried to look down the gunsight but it was shaking too badly to be of any use. I squeezed the trigger again, this time with my eyes open, waiting to see where my bullet hit. I noticed no entry wound anywhere near the target. "He missed the sheet," Rafe mumbled behind me. "Fire again," Harry Rex said. I did, and again couldn't see where the bullet landed. Rafe gently took my left arm and eased me forward another ten feet. "You're doin' fine," he said. "We got plenty of ammo." I missed the hay on the fourth shot, and Harry Rex said, "I guess the Padgitts are safe after all." "It's the moonshine," I said. "It just takes practice," Rafe said, moving me forward yet again. My hands were swe...
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