But pastor cooper was at peace his sermontwenty eight

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Unformatted text preview: oard member. "I have the transcript," I said. "I'll be happy to send it to you." "Is that true?" Adler asked for the third time. "There were three hundred people in the courtroom," I said, staring at Lucien and saying with my eyes, Don't do it. Don't lie about it. "Shut up, Mr. Traynor," a Board member said. "It's in the record," I said again. "That's enough!" Jeter shouted. Lucien was standing and trying to think of a response. Everyone was waiting. Finally, "I don't remember everything that was said," he began, and I snorted as loudly as possible. "Perhaps my client did say something to that effect, but it was an emotional moment, and in the heat of the battle, something like that might have been said. But taken in context—" "Context my ass!" I yelled at Lucien and took a step toward him as if I might throw a punch. A guard stepped toward me and I stopped. "It's in black-and-white in the trial transcript!" I said angrily. Then I turned to the Board and said, "How can you folks sit there and let them lie like this? Don't you want to hear the truth?" "Anything else, Mr. Traynor?" Jeter asked. "Yes! I hope this Board will not make a mockery out of our system and let this man go free after eight years. He's lucky to be sitting here instead of on death row, where he belongs. And I hope that the next time you have a hearing on his parole, if there is a next time, you will invite some of the good folks from Ford County. Perhaps the Sheriff, perhaps the prosecutor. And could you notify members of the victim's Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html family? They have the right to be here so you can see their faces when you turn this murderer loose." I sat down and fumed. I glared at Lucien Wilbanks and decided that I would work diligently to hate him for the rest of either his life or mine, whichever ended first. Jeter announced a brief recess, and I assum...
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