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But only for a moment there was a commotion around

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Unformatted text preview: , Ernie took a long pause and huddled with Hank Hooten again. He then picked up the autopsy report and asked Danny if he remembered the testimony of the first pathologist. Was his report also a part of this conspiracy? Danny wasn't sure how to answer. All of the evidence was being used against him, so, yes, he figured it must be bogus as well. And the piece of his skin found under her fingernail, that was part of the conspiracy? And his own semen? And on and on; Ernie hammered away. Occasionally, Lucien would glance over his shoulder at Danny's father with a look that said, "I told you so." Danny's presence on the stand allowed Ernie to once more trot out all the evidence, and the impact was devastating. His weak protests that everything was tainted by a conspiracy sounded ridiculous, even laughable. Watching him get thoroughly decimated before the jury was quite gratifying. The good guys were winning. The jury seemed primed to pull out rifles and form a firing squad. Ernie tossed his legal pad on his table and appeared ready for lunch, finally. He jammed both hands into his front pockets, glared at the witness, and said, "Under oath, you're telling this jury you didn't rape and murder Rhoda Kassellaw?" "I didn't do it." "You didn't follow her home from the state line that Saturday night?" "No." "You didn't sneak in her patio door?" "No." "And hide in her closet until she put her children to bed?" "No." "And you didn't attack her when she came in to put on her night clothes?" "No." Lucien stood and said angrily, "Objection, Your Honor, Mr. Gaddis is testifying here." "Overruled!" Loopus snapped at the defense table. The Judge wanted a fair trial. To counteract all the lying done by the defense, the prosecution was being allowed considerable freedom in describing the Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html murder scene. "You didn't blindf...
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