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Unformatted text preview: ng good, I knew that much. But I was too hungry and too frightened to answer. She was preaching now, not eating, and I was not enjoying myself. "Paul wrote in Romans, 'The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.' Do you know what that means, Mr. Traynor?" I had a hunch. I nodded and took a mouthful of beef. Had she memorized the entire Bible? Was I about to hear it all? "Death is always physical, but a spiritual death means eternity away from our Lord Jesus. Death means an eternity in hell, Mr. Traynor. Do you understand this:'" Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, She was making things very clear. "Can we change the subject?" I said. Miss Callie suddenly smiled and said, "Of course. You're my guest and it's my job to make sure you feel welcome." She took up her fork again and for a long time we ate and listened to the rain. "It's been a very wet spring," she said. "Good for beans but my tomatoes and melons need some sunshine." I was comforted to know she was planning future meals. My story about Miss Callie and Esau and their remarkable children was almost complete. I was dragging out the research in hopes of spending a few more Thursday lunches on her porch. At first I had felt guilty for having so much food prepared just for me; we ate only a fraction of it. But she assured me that nothing was thrown out. She and Esau and perhaps some friends would make sure the leftovers were properly put away. "Nowadays, I only cook three times a week," she admitted with a hint of shame. Dessert was peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream. We agreed to wait an hour so we could pace ourselves. She brought two cups of strong black coffee and we moved to the rocking chairs where we did our work. I pulled out my reporter's pad and pen and began making up questions. Miss Callie loved it when I wrote down things she said. Her first seven children had Italian names—Alberto (Al), Leonardo (Leon), Massimo (Max), Roberto (Bobby), Gloria, Carlota, and Mario. Only Sam, the youngest and the one rumored...
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