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Dex pratt who owned the local glass company and ran

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Unformatted text preview: ater and examined the box. A sticker on the front said—A Gift from Jane Parham. Of course she knew of no other Jane Parhams. Very gently, she picked it up. It seemed a bit heavy for a three-pound tin of pecans. Travis, the part-time deputy, happened by the house. He was accompanied by one Teddy Ray, a pimple-faced boy with an oversized uniform and a service revolver that he had never fired. Maxine hustled them into the kitchen where the red, white, and blue box sat benignly on the counter. The lone sentry was also tagging along, and for a long minute or so the four of them just stared at the package. Maxine recounted verbatim her conversation with Jane. With great hesitation, Travis picked up the box and shook it slightly. "Seems a might heavy for pecans," he observed. He looked at Teddy Ray, who'd already gone pale, and at the neighbor with a rifle, who seemed ready to duck at anything. "You think it's a bomb?" the neighbor asked. "Oh my God," Maxine mumbled and appeared ready to collapse. "Could be," Travis said, then gawked down in horror at what he was holding. "Get it outside," Maxine said. "Shouldn't we call the Sheriff?" Teddy Ray managed to ask. "I guess so," Travis said. "What if it's got a timer or something?" asked the neighbor. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html Travis hesitated for a moment, then with the voice of absolutely no experience, said, "I know what to do." They stepped through the kitchen door onto a narrow porch that ran the length of the rear of the house. Travis carefully placed the box at the very edge, three feet or so above the ground. When he removed his .44 Magnum, Maxine said, "What are you doing?" "We're gonna see if it's a bomb," Travis said. Teddy Ray and the neighbor scurried off the porch and took up a safe position in the grass about fifty feet away. "You're gonna shoot my pecans?" Maxine asked. "You got a better idea?" Travis snapped back. "I guess not." With most of his body insi...
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