Ernie gaddis assumed a position behind the podium and

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Unformatted text preview: o raised all those kids with a heavy hand and a swift kick in the ass if they screwed up." "I agree," said Tackett, the youngest of the three. Tackett, though, had a tendency to agree with whatever the prevailing theory happened to be. "She'd make an ideal juror for the prosecution. Plus, she's a woman. It's a rape case. I'd take all the women I could get." They argued for an hour. It was my first session with them, and I suddenly understood how Baggy collected so many differing opinions about so many issues. Though I tried not to show it, I was deeply concerned that my long and generous stories about Miss Callie would somehow come back to haunt her. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, - --- After lunch, Judge Loopus moved into the most serious phase of questioning—the death penalty. He explained the nature of a capital offense and the procedures that would be followed, then he yielded again to Ernie Gaddis. Juror number eleven was a member of some obscure church and he made it very clear that he could never vote to send a person to the gas chamber. Juror number thirty-four was a veteran of two wars and he felt rather strongly that the death penalty wasn't used often enough. This, of course, delighted Ernie, who singled out individual jurors and politely asked them questions about judging others and imposing the death sentence. He eventually made it to Miss Callie. "Now, Mrs. Ruffin, I've read about you, and you seem to be a very religious woman. Is this correct?" "I do love the Lord, yes sir," she answered, as clear as always. "Are you hesitant to sit in judgment of another human?" "I am, yes sir." "Do you want to be excused?" "No sir. It's my duty as a citizen to be here, same as all these other folks." "And if you're on the jury, and the jury finds Mr. Padgitt guilty of these crimes, can you vote to put him to death?" "I ce...
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