He confirmed that danny padgitt had been moved there

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Unformatted text preview: een drafted and fled to Canada. I said nothing. "Smart boy," Bubba said. "Smart boy." The conversation soon returned to drugs. At one point Bubba admired his marijuana cigarette and said, "Man, this is really smooth. Didn't come from the Padgitts." "Came from Memphis," Darrell said. "Mexican." Since I knew zero about the local drug supply routes, I listened intently for a few seconds then, when it was evident no one would pursue the conversation, said, "I thought the Padgitts produced pretty good stuff." "They should stick to moonshine," Bubba said. "It's okay," Darrell said, "if you can't get anything else. They struck it rich a few years back. They started growin' long before anybody else around here. Now they got competition." "I hear they're cuttin' back, goin' back to whiskey and stealin' cars," Bubba said. "Why?" I asked. "A lot more narcs now. State, federal, local. They got helicopters and surveillance stuff. Ain't like Mexico where nobody gives a shit what you grow." Gunfire erupted outside, not too far away. The others were not fazed by it. "What might that be?" I asked. "It's Ollie," Darrell said. "After a possum. He puts on night-vision goggles, takes his M-16, goes lookin' for varmints and such. Calls it gook huntin'." I luckily lost three hands in a row and found the perfect moment to say good night. - --- After much delay, the Supreme Court of Mississippi finally affirmed the conviction of Danny Padgitt. Four months earlier it had ruled, by a majority of six to three, that the conviction would stand. Lucien Wilbanks filed a petition for rehearing, which was granted. Harry Rex thought that might signal trouble. The appeal was reheard, and almost two years after his trial the court finally settled the matter. The vote to affirm the conviction was five to four. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html The dissent bought into Lucien's rather vociferous argum...
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