He shoved my door open without so much as a hello and

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Unformatted text preview: allowed to edit it. In both stories, and with no effort at being subtle, I linked the crimes and implied rather strongly that little was being done by the authorities, especially Sheriff Coley, to prevent further intimidation. I never named the Padgitts. I didn't have to. Everyone in the county knew they were bullying me and my newspaper. Spot had been too lazy for editorials. He'd written only one during my stint as an employee. A congressman from Oregon had filed some nutty bill that would somehow affect the cutting of redwood trees—more cutting or maybe less, it really wasn't clear. This had upset Spot. For two weeks he labored over an editorial and finally ran a two-thousand-word tirade. It was obvious to anyone with a high school education that he wrote with a pen in one hand and a dictionary in the other. The first paragraph was filled with more six-syllable words than anyone had ever seen and was virtually unreadable. Spot was shocked when there was no response from the community. He expected a flood of sympathetic letters. Few of his readers could have survived the flood from Webster's. Finally, three weeks later, a hand-scrawled note was slid under the front door of the office. It read: Dear Editor: I'm sorry you're so worked up over the redwoods, which we don't have in Mississippi. If Congress starts messing with pulpwood, would you please let us know? It was unsigned, but Spot ran it anyway. He was relieved that someone out there was paying attention. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html Baggy told me later that the note was written by one of his drinking buddies in the courthouse. My editorial began, "A free and uninhibited press is crucial to sound democratic government." Without being windy or preachy, I went on for four paragraphs extolling the importance of an energetic and inquisitive newspaper, not only for the country but for every small community as well. I vowed that the Times would not be frightened away from reporting local crimes, whether they...
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