His eyes locked onto me they narrowed and his jaws

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Unformatted text preview: ld more likely hit me than any assailant. As we were walking back through the woods, Harry Rex said from behind me, "That bleached blonde you met, Carleen." "Yeah," I said, suddenly nervous. "She likes you." Carleen had lived at least forty very hard years. I could think of nothing to say. "She's always good for a hop in the sack." I doubted if Carleen had missed too many sacks in Ford County. "No thanks," I said. "I got a girl in Memphis." "So?" "Good call," Rafe said under his breath. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html "A girl here, a girl there. What's the big difference?" "I gotta deal for you, Harry Rex," I said. "If I need your help picking up women, I'll let you know." "Just a roll in the hay," he mumbled. I did not have a girl in Memphis, but I knew several. I'd rather make the drive than stoop to the likes of Carleen. - --- The goat had a distinctive taste; not good, but, after the chitlins, not nearly as bad as I had feared. It was tough and smothered in sticky barbeque sauce, which, I suspected, was applied in generous layers to counter the taste of the meat. I toyed with a slice of it and washed it down with beer. We were on the deck again with Loretta Lynn in the background. The moonshine had made the rounds for a while and some of the guests were dancing above the pond. Carleen had disappeared earlier with someone else, so I felt safe. Harry Rex sat nearby, telling everyone how effective I'd been shooting squirrels and rabbits. His talent for storytelling was remarkable. I was an oddity but every effort was made to include me. Driving the dark roads home, I asked myself the same question I posed every day. What was I doing in Ford County, Mississippi? Chapter Ten The gun was too big for my pocket. For a few hours I tried walking around with it, but I was terrified the thing would discharge down there very nea...
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