His goods were never marked in any way and he was the

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Unformatted text preview: atch the show. I said, as loudly and clearly as possible, "Well, since there's no one else here from Ford County in opposition, I'm a witness." "You can't be a reporter and a witness," Jeter said. "Where is that written in the Mississippi Code?" I asked, waving my copies from Harry Rex's law books. Jeter nodded at a young man in a dark suit. "I'm the attorney for the Parole Board," he said politely. "You can testify in this hearing, Mr. Traynor, but you cannot report it." I planned to fully report every detail of the hearing, then hide behind the First Amendment. "So be it," I said. "You guys make the rules." In less than one minute the lines had been drawn; I was on one side, everybody else was on the other. "Let's proceed," Jeter said, and I took a seat with a handful of other spectators. The attorney for the Parole Board passed out a report. He recited the basics of the Padgitt sentence, and was careful not to use the words "consecutive" or "concurrent." Based on the inmate's "exemplary" record during his incarceration, he had qualified for "good time," a vague concept created by the parole system and not by the state legislature. Subtracting the time the inmate spent in the county jail awaiting trial, he was now eligible for parole. Danny's caseworker plowed through a lengthy narrative of her relationship with the inmate. She concluded with the gratuitous opinion that he was "fully remorseful," "fully rehabilitated," "no threat whatsoever to society," even ready to become a "most productive citizen." How much did all this cost? I couldn't help but ponder that question. How much? And how long had it taken for the Padgitts to find the right pockets? Lucien went next. With no one—Gaddis, Sheriff McNatt—not even poor Hank Hooten—to contradict Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html or p...
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