I couldnt help but flash back nine years to the night

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Unformatted text preview: g mixed up with the Padgitts. Our District Attorney, Rufus Buckley, had an armed robbery trial scheduled for Monday in Van Buren County. He promised to send a letter opposing the parole, but the letter never made it. Circuit Judge Omar Noose was presiding over the same trial, so he was off the hook. I began to think that no one would be there to speak in opposition to Padgitt's release. For fun I asked Baggy to go. He gasped, then quickly let loose with an impressive list of excuses. I walked over to Harry Rex's with the news. He had an ugly divorce trial starting Monday in Tupelo; otherwise he might have gone with me to Parchman. "The boy's gonna be released, Willie," he said. "We stopped it last year," I said. "Once the parole hearings start, it's just a matter of time." "But somebody has to fight it." "Why bother? He's gettin' out eventually. Why piss off the Padgitts? You won't get any volunteers." Volunteers were indeed hard to find as the entire town ducked for cover. I had envisioned an angry mob Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html packing into the parole board hearing and disrupting the meeting. My angry mob consisted of three people. Wiley Meek agreed to ride over with me, though he had no interest in speaking. If they were serious about banning me from the room, Wiley would sit through it and give me the details. Sheriff McNatt surprised us with his presence. Security was tight in the hall outside the hearing room. When the Board attorney saw me he became angry and we exchanged words. Guards in uniforms surrounded me. I was outnumbered and unarmed. I was escorted from the building and placed in my car, then watched by two thick-necked ruffians with low IQs. According to Wiley, the hearing went like clockwork. Lucien was there with various Padgitts. The Board attorney read a staff report that made Danny sound like an Eagle Scout. His caseworker seconded the nomination. Lucien s...
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