I gave them the background on both murders the

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Unformatted text preview: th his shotgun. Eventually, we ate on the porch, though she only nibbled at the foreign food. She wasn't hungry. Esau said she'd eaten little during the day. I brought my backgammon board and taught Sam the game. Esau preferred checkers. Miss Callie was certain any activity that involved the rolling of dice was patently sinful, but she wasn't up to a lecture. We sat for hours, deep into the night, and watched the rituals of Lowtown. School had just turned out for the summer, the days were longer and hotter. Buster, my part-time pit bull, drove by every half hour. He would slow in front of the Ruffins, I'd wave as if things were fine, he'd ease away and return to the driveway of the Hocutt House. A patrol car parked two doors down from the Ruffin house and sat for a long time. Sheriff McNatt had hired three black deputies, and two of them had been assigned to keep an eye on the home. Others were watching as well. After Miss Callie went to bed, Esau pointed across to the street to the darkened screened porch where the Braxtons lived. "Tully's over there," he said. "Watchin' everythin'." "He told me he'd stay up all night," Sam said. Lowtown would be a dangerous place to start a gunfight. I left after eleven, crossed the tracks, and drove the empty streets of Clanton. The town pulsed with tension, with anticipation, because whatever had been started was far from over. Chapter Thirty-Eight Miss Callie insisted on attending the funeral of Lenny Fargarson. Sam and Esau objected strenuously, but, as always, once she made up her mind, then all conversations were over. I discussed this with Sheriff McNatt, who summed things up by saying, "She's a grown lady." He knew of no other jurors who planned to attend, but then it was difficult to monitor such things. I also called Pastor Cooper to forewarn him. His response was, "She will be very welcome in our little church. But get here early." With rare exceptions blacks and whites did not worship together in Ford County. They fervently believed in the...
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