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Unformatted text preview: deny everything. And given their capacity to lie, break legs, and bribe with serious cash, they could find witnesses for anything. Sheriff McNatt voiced his skepticism. He explained to Lucien that his investigation was continuing, and if and when he had probable cause, he would get his arrest warrant and descend upon the island. He had spoken several times with the state police, and if a hundred troopers were necessary to flush out Danny, then so be it. Lucien said that would not be necessary. If a valid arrest warrant was obtained, he would do his best to bring the boy in himself. "And if there's another killing," McNatt said, "this place will erupt. You'll have a thousand rednecks crossin' the bridge and shootin' every Padgitt they can find." Buckley said that he and Judge Omar Noose had spoken twice about the killings, and he was reasonably confident that Noose was "almost ready" to issue a warrant for Danny's arrest. Lucien attacked him with a barrage of questions about probable cause and sufficient evidence. Buckley argued that the threat by Padgitt during his trial was ample reason to suspect him of the murders. The meeting deteriorated as the two argued heatedly over nitpicking legalities. The Sheriff finally broke it up by announcing he'd heard enough and walked out of Lucien's office. Buckley followed. Harry Rex hung around and chatted with Lucien in a much more relaxed setting. - --- "You got liars protectin' liars," Harry Rex growled as he paced around my office an hour later. "Lucien tells the truth only when it sounds good, which, for him and his clientele, is not very often. The Padgitts have no concept of what the truth really is." "Remember Lydia Vince?" I asked. "Who?" "The slut at the trial, the one Wilbanks put on the stand, under oath. She told the jury Danny was in her bed when Rhoda was murdered. The Padgitts found her, bought her testimony, and handed her to Lucien. They're all a bunch of lying thieves." "Then her ex got shot, right?" "Just after t...
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