I played it safe and stayed with white and beige and

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Unformatted text preview: s, goldfish, the place was a regular zoo. I had been looking at real estate, but, frankly, I'd been so spoiled by paying them $50 a month that I found it hard to leave. I was twenty-four years old, very single, and I was having a grand time watching the money accumulate in the bank. Why would I risk financial ruin by buying that money pit? I bought it two days after the funeral. - --- On a cold, wet Thursday in February, I pulled to a stop in front of the Ruffin residence in Lowtown. Esau was waiting on the porch. "You trade cars?" he asked, looking at the street. "No, I still have the little one," I said. "That was Mr. Hocutt's." "Thought it was black." There were very few Mercedes in Ford County and it was not difficult keeping track of them. "It needed painting," I said. It was now a dark maroon. I had to cover the knives Mr. Hocutt had painted on both front doors, and so while it was in the shop I decided to go with a different color altogether. Word was out that I had somehow swindled the Hocutts out of their Mercedes. In fact, I had paid blue-book value for it—$9,500. The purchase was approved by Judge Reuben V. Atlee, the longtime chancellor in Ford County. He also approved my purchase of the house for $100,000, an apparently low figure that looked much better after two court-appointed appraisers gave their estimates at $75,000 and $85,000. One reported that any renovation of the Hocutt House would ". . . involve extensive and unforeseen expenditures." Harry Rex, my lawyer, made sure I saw this language. Esau was subdued, and things did not improve inside. The house, as always, simmered in the sauce of some delicious beast she was roasting in the oven. Today it would be rabbit. I hugged Miss Callie and knew something was terribly wrong. Esau picked up an envelope and said, "This is a draft notice. For Sam." He tossed it on the table for me to see, then left the kitchen. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.proces...
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