I railed against closed meetings held by the city

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Unformatted text preview: tly opposed to such a sentence. But, both of us conceded, with Lucien Wilbanks involved it was entirely possible Padgitt knew more about the deliberations than we did. Anything was possible. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html And nothing made sense. While I was sitting in his office, he called Maxine Root. She worked as a bookkeeper at the shoe factory north of town, and had insisted on going to work. McNatt had been in her office that morning, inspecting the place, talking with her boss and coworkers, making sure everyone felt safe. Two of his deputies were outside the building, watching for trouble and waiting to haul Maxine back home at quitting time. They chatted on the phone like old friends for a few minutes, then McNatt said, "Say, Maxine, I know that you and Mo Teale and the Fargarson boy were the only three who voted against the death penalty for Danny Padgitt. . ." He paused as she interrupted. "Well, it's not important how I found out. What's important here is that makes me real nervous about your safety. Extra nervous." He listened to her for a few minutes. As she rambled on he interrupted occasionally with such things as: "Well, Maxine, I can't just charge out there and arrest the boy." And, "You tell your brothers to keep those guns in their trucks." And, "I'm workin' on the case, Maxine, and when I get enough evidence I'll get a warrant for his arrest." And, "It's too late to give him the death penalty, Maxine. You did what you thought was right at the time." She was crying when the conversation ended. "Poor thing," McNatt said, "her nerves are shot to hell." "Can't really blame her," I said. "I'm ducking under windows myself." Chapter Forty The funeral for Mo Teale was held at the Willow Road Methodist Church, number thirty-six on my list and one of my favorites. It was barely in the city limits of Clanton, south of the square. Because I had never met Mr. Teale, I did not go to his funeral. However, there wer...
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