Id had lunch in the remaining cafe and the waitress

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Unformatted text preview: wrestling with the decision to stay in Canada, or come home. Many of his expatriate friends up there were vowing to stay and pursue Canadian citizenship, and he was heavily influenced by them. There was also a woman involved, though he had not told his parents. Sometimes we began with the news, but often it was the obituaries or even the classifieds. Since she read every word, Miss Callie knew who was selling a new litter of beagles and who wanted to buy a good used riding mower. And since she read every word every week, she knew how long a certain small farm or a mobile home had been on the market. She knew prices and values. A car would pass on the street during lunch. She would ask, "Now, what model is that?" "A 71 Plymouth Duster," I would answer. She would hesitate for a second, then say, "If it's real clean, it's in the twenty-five-hundred-dollar range." Stan Atcavage once needed to sell a twenty-four-foot fishing boat he'd repossessed. I called Miss Callie. She said, "Yes, a gentleman from Karaway was looking for one three weeks ago." I checked an old section of the classifieds and found the ad. Stan sold him the boat the next day. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, She loved the legal notices, one of the most lucrative sections of the paper. Deeds, foreclosures, divorce filings, probate matters, bankruptcy announcements, annexation hearings, dozens of legal notices were required by law to be published in the county paper. We got them all, and we charged a healthy rate. "I see where Mr. Everett Wainwright's estate is being probated," she said. "I vaguely remember his obituary," I said with a mouthful. "When did he die?" "Five, maybe six months ago. Wasn't much of an obituary." "I have to work with whatever the family gives me. Did you know him?" "He owned a grocery store near the tracks for many years." I could tell by the inflection in h...
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