In an effort to sell newspapers you relied on unnamed

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Unformatted text preview: felt like it, and for exercise I'd Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, hustle over to the next antiwar rally and scream at the police. I thought I had problems. How I'd gone from there to a witness chair in the Ford County courtroom was suddenly very unclear to me. However, at that crucial moment in my new career, I had several hundred of my fellow citizens, and subscribers, staring at me. It was not the time to appear vulnerable. "What percentage of your newspapers are sold in Ford County, Mr. Traynor?" he asked, as casually as if we were talking business over coffee. "Virtually all. I don't have the exact numbers." "Well, do you have any newsstands outside of Ford County?" "No." Mr. Gaddis attempted another lame rescue. He stood and said, "Your Honor, please, where is this going?" Wilbanks suddenly raised his voice and lifted a finger toward the ceiling. "I will argue, Your Honor, that potential jurors in this county have been poisoned by the sensational coverage thrust upon us byThe Ford County Times. Mercifully, and justifiably, this newspaper has not been seen or read in other parts of the state. A change of venue is not only fair, but mandatory." The word "poisoned" changed the tone of the proceedings dramatically. It stung me and frightened me, and once again I asked myself if I had done something wrong. I looked at Baggy for consolation, but he was ducking behind the lady in front of him. "I'll decide what's fair and mandatory, Mr. Wilbanks. Proceed," Judge Loopus said sharply. Mr. Wilbanks held up the paper and pointed to the front page. "I refer to the photograph of my client," he said. "Who took this photograph?" "Mr. Wiley Meek, our photographer." "And who made the decision to put it on the front page?" "I did." "And the size? Who determined that?" "I did." "Did it occur to you that this might be considered sensational?" Damned right. Sensatio...
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