In your opinion can mr padgitt receive a fair trial

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Unformatted text preview: red the courtroom from behind the bench. As usual, he seemed angry and perturbed, as if he'd just lost an argument with the Judge. He walked to the defense table, tossed down his legal pad, and scanned the crowd. His eyes locked onto me. They narrowed and his jaws clenched, and I thought he might hop over the bar and attack. His client turned around and began looking too. Someone pointed, and Mr. Danny Padgitt himself commenced glaring at me as if I might be his next victim. I was having trouble breathing, but I tried to keep calm. Baggy inched away. In the front row behind the defense crowd were several Padgitts, all older than Danny. They, too, joined the staring, and I had never felt so vulnerable. These were violent men who knew nothing but crime, intimidation, leg breaking, killing, and there I was in the same room with them while they dreamed of ways to cut my throat. A bailiff called us to order and everybody stood to acknowledge the entrance of His Honor. "Please be seated," he said. Loopus scanned the papers while we waited, then he adjusted his reading glasses and said, "This is a motion to change venue, filed by the defense. Mr. Wilbanks, how many witnesses do you have?" "Half a dozen, give or take. We'll see how things go." "And the State?" A short round man with no hair and a black suit bounced to his feet and said, "About the same." His name was Ernie Gaddis, the longtime, part-time District Attorney from up in Tyler County. "I don't want to be here all day," Loopus mumbled, as if he had an afternoon golf game. "Call your first witness, Mr. Wilbanks." "Mr. Walter Pickard." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, The name was unknown to me, which was expected, but Baggy had never heard of him either. During the preliminary questions it was established that he had lived in Karaway for over twenty years, went to church every Sunday and the Rotary Club ever...
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