Inevitably the noose around the neck of each

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Unformatted text preview: same side of the street with Buckley, though he loathed him in private. Given those conflicting sentiments, I was quite pleased not be invited to the meeting. Lucien began by saying that he had talked with both Danny Padgitt and his father, Gill. They had met somewhere outside of Clanton and away from the island. Danny was doing fine, working each day in the office of the family's highway contracting firm, that office being conveniently located within the safe harbor of Padgitt Island. Not surprisingly, Danny denied any involvement in the murders of Lenny Fargarson and Mo Teale. He was shocked by what was happening and angry that he was widely considered to be the chief suspect. Lucien emphasized that he grilled Danny at length, even to the point of irritating him, and he never showed the slightest hint of dishonesty. Lenny Fargarson was shot on the afternoon of May 23. At that time, Danny was in his office, and there were four people who could vouch for his presence there. The Fargarson home was at least a thirty-minute drive from Padgitt Island, and the four witnesses were certain that Danny was either in his office or very close to it throughout the afternoon. "How many of these witnesses are named Padgitt?" McNatt asked. "We're not giving names, yet," Lucien said, stonewalling as any good lawyer should. Eleven days later, on June 3, Mo Teale was shot at approximately nine-fifteen in the morning. At that Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, precise moment, Danny was standing beside a newly paved highway in Tippah County, getting documents signed by one of the Padgitt construction foremen. The foreman, along with two laborers, was willing to testify as to exactly where Danny was at that moment. The highway job was at least two hours away from Ned Ray Zook's farm in eastern Ford County. Lucien presented airtight alibis for both murders, though his small audience was very skeptical. Of course the Padgitts would...
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