It was a small white frame building narrow and long

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Unformatted text preview: then said, "I guess it's just me." "Proceed, Mr. Traynor." I had no idea what to say, nor did I know what was permissible or objectionable in such a forum. But based on what I had just sat through, I figured I could say anything I damned well pleased. Fat Jeter would no doubt call me down if I ventured into forbidden territory. I looked up at the Board members, tried my best to ignore the daggers from the Padgitts, and jumped into an extremely graphic description of the rape and the murder. I unloaded everything I could possibly remember, and I put special emphasis on the fact that the two children witnessed some or all of the attack. I kept waiting for Lucien to object, but there was nothing but silence in their camp. The formerly comatose Board members were suddenly alive, all watching me closely, absorbing the gruesome details of the murder. I described the wounds. I painted the heartbreaking sceneof Rhoda dying in the arms of Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Mr. Deece, and saying, "It was Danny Padgitt. It was Danny Padgitt." I called Lucien a liar and mocked his memory of the trial. It took the jury less than an hour to find the defendant guilty, I explained. And with a recollection that surprised even me, I recounted Danny's pathetic performance on the witness stand: his lying to cover up his lies; his total lack of truthfulness. "He should've been indicted for perjury," I told the Board. "And when he had finished testifying, instead of returning to his seat, he walked to the jury box, shook his finger in the faces of the jurors, and said, 'You convict me, and I'll get every damned one of you.' " A Board member named Mr. Horace Adler jerked upright in his seat and blurted toward the Padgitts, "Is that true?" "It's in the record," I said quickly before Lucien had the chance to lie again. He was slowly getting to his feet. "Is that true, Mr. Wilbanks?" Adler insisted. "He threatened the jury?" asked another b...
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