It was almost 2 pm normally a busy time downtown i

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Unformatted text preview: mess," Harry Rex warned me after his meeting with Durant. "This is a nasty character." I wasn't anxious to have someone else dreaming of my painful death. I met Sam at a truck stop near the state line, about a mile into Tennessee. Miss Callie had sent cakes and pies and letters and some cash, an entire cardboard box that filled the other seat in my little Spitfire. It was the first time in two years she had been able to touch him in any way. He tried to read one of her letters, but became emotional and put it back in the envelope. "I'm so homesick," he said, wiping huge tears while at the same time trying to hide them from the truckers eating nearby. He was a lost, scared little boy. With brutal honesty, I recounted the conversation with Harry Rex. Sam had naively thought his offer to Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, stay away from Ford County but visit occasionally would be acceptable to Mr. Durant. He had little grasp of the hatred he had inspired. He did, however, seem to appreciate the danger. "He'll kill you, Sam," I said gravely. "And he'll get by with it, won't he?" "What difference will that make to you? You'll be just as dead. Miss Callie would rather have you alive up North than dead in the Clanton cemetery." We agreed to meet again in two weeks. He was doing his Christmas shopping, and he would have gifts for his parents and family. We said good-bye and left the dining area. I was almost to my car when I decided to step back inside and use the men's room. It was in the rear of a tacky gift shop next to the cafe. I glanced out a window and saw Sam, very suspiciously, jump into a car driven by a white woman. She looked to be older, early forties. Iris, I presumed. Some people never learn. - --- The Ruffin clan began arriving three days before Christmas. Miss Callie had been cooking for a week. She sent me to the grocery store twice for emergency supplies. I was quickly adopted into the family and given f...
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