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It would certainly be retried but with the same

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Unformatted text preview: tually let go and the free press endured. In a flash, I saw myself being handcuffed by Sheriff Coley and dragged away, screaming for Harry Rex, then thrown into the jail where I'd be stripped and handed a pair of those orange coveralls. It would certainly be a bonanza for theTimes. Boy, the stories I could write from in there. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html Wilbanks continued, "You report that the children were in shock. How do you know this?" "I spoke with Mr. Deece, the next-door neighbor." "Did he use the word 'shock'?" "He did." "You report that the children were examined by a doctor here in Clanton on the night of the crime. How did you know this?" "I had a source, and later I confirmed this with the doctor." "And you report that the children are now undergoing some type of therapy back home in Missouri. Who told you that?" "I talked to their aunt." He tossed the newspaper on the table and took a few steps in my direction. His bloodshot eyes narrowed and glared at me. Here, the pistol would've been useful. "The truth is, Mr. Traynor, you tried to paint the unmistakable picture that these two little innocent children saw their mother get raped and murdered in her own bed, isn't that right?" I took a deep breath and weighed my response. The courtroom was silent, waiting. "I have reported the facts as accurately as possible," I said, staring straight at Baggy, who, though he was pecking around the lady in front of him, at least was nodding at me. "In an effort to sell newspapers, you relied on unnamed sources and half-truths and gossip and wild speculation, all in an effort to sensationalize this story." "I have reported the facts as accurately as possible," I said again, trying to remain calm. He snorted and said, "Is that so?" He grabbed the newspaper again and said, "I quote: 'Will the children testify at trial?' Did you write that, Mr. Trayn...
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