Its been a quiet night the friend said in other words

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Unformatted text preview: he trial. Probably got hit by one of the Padgitt goons. No evidence other than the bullets. No suspects. Nothing. Sounds familiar." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "McNatt didn't buy anything Lucien said. Neither did Buckley." "And you?" "Naw. I've seen Lucien cry before in front of juries. He can be very persuasive at times, not often, but occasionally. I got the impression he was working way too hard to convince us. It's Danny, and he's got some help." "Does McNatt believe that?" "Yep, but he has no proof. An arrest is a waste of time." "It'll keep him off the streets." "It's temporary. With no proof you can't keep him in jail forever. He's patient. He's been waiting for nine years." - --- Though the pranksters were never identified, and they had enough sense to take their secret to their graves, there was considerable speculation in the months that followed that they were the two teenaged sons of our Mayor. Two youngsters were seen sprinting away from the scene, much too fast to be caught. The Mayor's boys had a long and colorful track record as creative and brazen jokesters. Under the cover of darkness, they boldly sneaked through a thick hedgerow and came to a stop less than fifty feet from the corner of the front porch of Mr. Earl Youry's house. There they watched and listened to the crowd of friends and neighbors camped out on the front lawn, protecting Mr. Youry. They waited patiently for just the right moment to launch their attack. A few minutes after eleven, a long strand of eighty-four Black Cat firecrackers was tossed in the general direction of the porch, and when they began popping Clanton almost erupted into an all-out war. Men yelled, ladies screamed, Mr. Youry hit the planks and scurried into his house on all-fours. His sentries out front rolled over in their lawn chairs, clawed around for their guns, and hid low in the grass as the Blacks Cats bounced and popped...
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