Lucien emphasized that he grilled danny at length

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Unformatted text preview: d been watched through the scope of a hunting rifle. "He's patient and meticulous," I agreed. Eleven days had passed between the two murders, and no clues had been left behind. If it was indeed Danny Padgitt, there was a stark contrast between his first murder—Rhoda Kassellaw—and his last two. He'd advanced from a brutal crime of passion to cold-blooded executions. Perhaps that's what nine years in prison had taught him. He'd had plenty of time to remember the faces of the twelve people who'd sent him away, and to plan his revenge. "He's not finished," Harry Rex said. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, One murder might be considered a random act. Two meant there was a pattern. The third would send a small army of cops and vigilantes onto Padgitt Island for an all-out war. "He'll wait," Harry Rex said. "Probably for a long time." "I'm thinking about selling the paper, Harry Rex," I said. He took a long drink of bourbon, then said, "Why would you do that?" "Money. This company in Georgia is making a serious offer." "How much?" "A lot. More than I ever dreamed of. I wouldn't work for a long time. Maybe never." The idea of not working hit him hard. His daily routine was ten hours of nonstop chaos with some very emotional and high-strung divorce clients. He often worked nights, when the office was quiet and he could think. He made a comfortable living, but he certainly scraped for every penny. "How long have you had the paper?" he asked. "Nine years." "Kinda hard to imagine the paper without you." "Maybe that's a reason to sell it. I don't want to be another Wilson Caudle." "What will you do?" "Take a break, travel, see the world, find a nice lady, marry her, get her pregnant, have some kids. This is a big house." "So you wouldn't move away?" "To where? This is home." Another long sip, then, "I don't know....
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