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Mr john deere also had them worried his real name was

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Unformatted text preview: ked out the rear door and disappeared. The shock of a married woman admitting in open court that she had committed adultery was designed to convince the jury that she had to be telling the truth. No one, respectable or otherwise, would admit this. It would damage her reputation, if she cared about such things. It would certainly impact her divorce, perhaps jeopardize custody of her child. It might even allow her husband to sue Danny Padgitt for alienation of affection, though it was doubtful the jurors were thinking that far ahead. Her answers to Lucien's questions were brief and very well rehearsed. She refused to look at the jurors or at her alleged former lover. Instead, she kept her eyes down and appeared to be looking at Lucien's shoes. Both the lawyer and the witness were careful not to venture outside the script. "She's lyin'," Baggy whispered loudly, and I agreed. When the direct examination was over, Ernie Gaddis stood and walked deliberately to the podium, staring with great suspicion at this self-confessed adulteress. He kept his reading glasses on the tip of his nose, and looked above them with wrinkled brow and narrow eyes. Very much the professor who'd just caught a bad student cheating. "Miss Vince, this house on Hurt Road. Who owned it?" "Jack Hagel." "How long did you live there?" "About a year." "Did you sign a lease?" She hesitated for a split second too long, then said, "Maybe my husband did. I really don't remember." "How much was the rent each month?" "Three hundred dollars." Ernie wrote down each answer with great effort, as though each detail was about to be diligently investigated and lies would be revealed. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html "When did you leave this house?" "I don't know, about two months ago." "So how long did you live in Ford County?" "I don't know, a couple o...
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