Pickard no sir do you understand whats meant by the

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Unformatted text preview: y Thursday. For a living he owned a small furniture factory. "Must buy lumber from the Padgitts," Baggy whispered. His wife was a schoolteacher. He had coached Little League baseball and worked with the Boy Scouts. Lucien pressed on and did a masterful job of laying the groundwork that Mr. Pickard knew his community well. Karaway was a smaller town eighteen miles west of Clanton. Spot had always neglected the place and we sold very few papers there. And even fewer ads. In my youthful eagerness, I was already contemplating the expansion of my empire. A small weekly in Karaway would sell a thousand copies, I thought. "When did you first hear that Miss Kassellaw had been murdered?" Wilbanks asked. "Couple of days after it happened," Mr. Pickard said. "News is sometimes slow getting to Karaway." "Who told you?" "One of my employees came in with the story. She has a brother who lives around Beech Hill, where it happened." "Did you hear that someone had been arrested for the murder?" Lucien asked. Ho prowled around the courtroom like a bored cat. Just going through the motions, yet missing nothing. "Yes, the rumor was that one of the young Padgitts had been arrested." "Did you later confirm this?" "Yes." "How?" "I saw the story inThe Ford County Times. There was a large photo of Danny Padgitt on the front page, right next to a large photo of Rhoda Kassellaw." "Did you read the reports in theTimes?" "I did." "And did you form an opinion about Mr. Padgitt's guilt or innocence?" "He looked guilty to me. In the photo he had blood all over his shirt. His face was placed right next to that of the victim's, you know, side by side. The headline was huge and said something like, DANNY PADGITT ARRESTED FOR MURDER. " "So you assumed he was guilty?" Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html "It was impossible not to...
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