She had never been anxious to meet him they had

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Unformatted text preview: Ernie Gaddis in the prosecution of Danny Padgitt. He was in custody and unharmed. When Sheriff Coley announced this in the courtroom, we were shocked and bewildered. Our nerves were pretty raw anyway, but this was too much to believe. "Mr. Hooten was found in the small stairwell that leads up to the cupola," Coley was saying, but I was too stunned to take notes. "He did not resist arrest and is now in custody." "What was he wearing?" someone asked. "Nothing." "Nothing?" "Absolutely nothing. He had what appeared to be black shoe polish on his face and chest, but other than that he was as naked as a newborn." "What type of weapons?" I asked. "We found two high-powered rifles, that's all I can say right now." "Did he say anything?" "Not a word." Wiley said they wrapped Hank in some sheets and shoved him in the backseat of a patrol car. He shot some photos but was not optimistic. "There were a dozen cops around him," he said. We drove to the hospital to check on Baggy. His wife worked the night shift in the emergency room. Someone had called her, woke her up, summoned her to the hospital, and when we met her she was in a foul mood. "Just a broken arm," she said, obviously disappointed that it was not more serious. "Some scrapes and bruises. What'd the fool do?" I looked at Wiley and Wiley looked at me. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "Was he drunk?" she asked. Baggy was always drunk. "Don't know," I said. "He fell out of a window at the courthouse." "Oh, brother. He was drunk." I gave a quick version of Baggy's escape and tried to make it sound as if he'd done something heroic in the midst of all that gunfire. "The third floor?" she asked. "Yes." "So he was playing poker, drinking whiskey, and he jumped out of a third-floor window." "Basically, yes," Wiley said, unable to stop himself. "Not e...
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