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She invited three of her little blue haired widow

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Unformatted text preview: history, and I was relieved to hear Spinner say, "Ol' Coley couldn't catch a jaywalker on Main Street." I laughed real loud and added, helpfully, "Yeah, he and the Padgitts go way back." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html "I told him you'd been over, snoopin' around. He said, 'That boy's gonna get hurt.' Just thought you'd like to know." "Thanks," I said. "Me and Coley see things differently." "Election's a few months away." "Yes it is. I hear Coley's got two or three opponents." "Just takes one." Again, he promised to call if something new developed, but both of us knew that was not going to happen. I left Iuka and drove to Memphis. - --- Trooper Durant had been quite pleased to learn that his threats were still hanging over the head of Sam Ruffin. Harry Rex had eventually delivered the word that the boy was still on the run but desperately wanted to come home and see his momma. Durant had not remarried. He was very much alone and extremely bitter and embarrassed about his wife's affair. He ranted at Harry Rex about how his life had been destroyed, and worse, how his two sons were subject to ridicule and abuse because of what their mother did. The white kids at school taunted them daily. The black kids, their new classmates at Clanton High, were smug and made wisecracks about it. Both boys were expert marksmen and avid hunters, and the three Durants had vowed to put a bullet into Sam Ruffin's head if given the chance. They knew exactly where the Ruffins lived in Lowtown. Durant commented on the annual pilgrimage many blacks from the North made at Christmastime. "If that boy sneaks home, we'll be waitin'," he promised Harry Rex. He also had some venom for me, and for my heartwarming stories about Miss Callie and her older children. He guessed correctly that I was the family's contact with Sam. "You'd better get your nose outta this...
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