She was now living in alabama and had driven five

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Unformatted text preview: up on six good kids who'd made a mistake. Sheriff Meredith was quoted as saying that his office would act decisively to "remove this scourge" from our community. "This ain't California," he said. Typically, everybody in Clanton was suddenly on the lookout for drug dealers, though no one was quite sure what they looked like. Because the cops were on high alert, and would love nothing more than another drug bust, poker the next Thursday was moved to a different location, one deep in the country. Bubba Crockett and Darrell Radke lived in a dilapidated old cabin with a nonpoker-playing veteran named Ollie Hinds. They called their place the Foxhole. It was hidden in a heavily wooded ravine at the end of a dirt road that you couldn't find in broad daylight. Ollie Hinds was suffering from every manner of postwar trauma and probably several prewar ones as well. He was from Minnesota and had served with Bubba and survived their horrible nightmares. He had been shot, burned, captured briefly, escaped, and finally sent home when an Army shrink said he was in need of serious help. Apparently he never got it. When I met him he was shirtless, revealing scars and tattoos, and glassy-eyed, which, I would soon learn, was his usual condition. I was grateful he was not playing poker. A couple of bad hands, and you got the impression he might pull an M-16 and even the score. The drug bust, and the town's reaction to it, was the source of much humor and ridicule. Folks were acting as though the six teenagers were the very first drug users, and since they'd been caught then the county was on top of the crisis. With some vigilance and tough talk, the plague of illegal drugs could be diverted to another part of the country. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Nixon had mined the harbor at Haiphong and was bombing Hanoi with a fury. I brought this up to get a reaction, but there was little interest in the war that night. Darrell had heard a rumor that some black kid from Clanton had b...
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