She went to the phone and dialed janes number they

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Unformatted text preview: arole system. Throughout the seventies, I was always on a soapbox. And while this made for interesting reading and sold papers, it also transformed me into something of an oddity. I was viewed as a malcontent, one with a pulpit. I don't think I was ever a bully, I tried hard not to be. But looking back, there were fights I started not only out of conviction but also out of boredom. As I grew older, I wanted to be a regular citizen. I would always be an outsider, but that didn't bother me anymore. I wanted to come and go, to live in Clanton as I saw fit, then leave for long periods of time when I got bored. Amazing how the prospect of money can change your future. I became consumed with the dream of walking away, of taking a sabbatical to some place I'd never been, of seeing the world. The next meeting with Gary McGrew was at a restaurant in Tupelo. He'd been to my office several times. One more visit and the staff would start whispering. Over lunch we again looked at my books, talked about his client's plans, negotiated this point and that one. If I sold, I wanted the owner to honor the new five-year contracts I'd given to Davey Bigmouth Bass, Hardy, and Margaret. Baggy would either retire soon or die of liver poisoning. Wiley had always been a part-timer, and his interest in chasing subjects for photos was waning. He was the only employee I'd told about the negotiations, and he had encouraged me to take the money and run. McGrew's client wanted me to stay on for at least a year, at a very high salary, and train the new editor. I would not agree to this. If I walked away, then I walked away. I didn't want a boss, and I didn't want the local heat that would come for selling the county's paper to a large firm from outside the state. Their offer was at $1.3 million. A consultant I'd hired in Knoxville had valued theTimes at $1.35 million. "Confidentially, we've bought the papers in Tyler and Van Buren Counties," McGrew said, late in a very long lunch. "Things are falling into place." He was being almost completely honest. The own...
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