Sheriff coley smiled as usual as if these encounters

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Unformatted text preview: o corrupt. He emerged from a back room with a deputy, and I, practicing my assertive-ness, rushed to him. "Sheriff, just a couple of questions," I said sternly. There were no other reporters present. His boys—the real deputies, the part-timers, the wannabes, the jackleg constables with homemade uniforms—they all got quiet and gave me their sneers. I was still very much the brash new rich boy who'd somehow wrangled control of their newspaper. I was a foreigner, with no right to barge in at a time like this and start asking questions. Sheriff Coley smiled as usual, as if these encounters happened all the time around midnight. "Yes sir, Mr. Traynor." He had a slow rich drawl that was very soothing. This man couldn't tell a lie, could he? "What can you tell us about the murder?" With his arms folded across his chest, he gave a few of the basics in copspeak. "While female, age thirty-one, was attacked in her home on Benning Road. Raped, stabbed, murdered. Can't give you her name until we talk to her kinfolks." "And you've made an arrest?" "Yes sir, but no details now. Just give us a couple of hours. We're investigatin'. That's all, Mr. Traynor." "Rumor has it that you have Danny Padgitt in custody." "I don't deal in rumors, Mr. Traynor. Not in my profession. Yours neither." Wiley and I drove to the hospital, sniffed around for an hour, heard nothing we could print, then drove to the scene on Benning Road. The cops had cordoned off the house and a few of the neighbors were huddled quietly behind a strand of yellow police ribbon near the mailbox. We eased next to them, listening intently, hearing almost nothing. They seemed too stunned to talk. After a few minutes of gawking at the house, we crept away. Wiley had a nephew who was a part-time deputy, and we found him guarding the Deece home where they were still inspecting the front porch and the swing where Rhoda took her last breath. We pulled...
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