The district attorney himself got on the phone and

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Unformatted text preview: f years." "Did you ever register to vote in Ford County?" "No." "Did your husband?" "No." "What's his name again?" "Malcolm Vince." "Where does he live now?" "I'm not sure. He moves around a lot. Last I heard he was somewhere around Tupelo." "And y'all are getting a divorce now, right?" "Yes." "When did you file for divorce?" Her eyes lifted quickly and she glanced at Lucien, who was listening hard but refusing to watch her. "We haven't actually filed papers yet," she said. "I'm sorry, I thought you said you were going through a divorce." "We've split, and we've both hired lawyers." "And who is your attorney?" "Mr. Wilbanks." Lucien flinched, as if this was news to him. Ernie let it settle in, then continued, "Who is your husband's lawyer?" "I can't remember his name." "Is he suing you for divorce, or is it the other way around?" "It's a mutual thing." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "How many other men were you sleeping with?" 'Just Danny." "I see. And you live in Tupelo, right?" "Right." "You say you're unemployed, right?" "For now." "And you've separated from your husband?" "I just said we've split." "Where do you live over in Tupelo?" "An apartment." "How much is the rent?" "Two hundred a month." "And you live there with your child?" "Yes." "Does the child work?" "The child is five years old." "So how do you pay the rent and utilities?" "I get by." No one could have possibly believed her answer. "What kind of car do you drive?" She hesitated again. It was the kind of question that required an answer that could be verified with a few phone calls. "A '68 Mustang." "That's a nice car. When did you get it?" Ag...
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