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Unformatted text preview: or?" I couldn't deny it. I kicked myself for writing it. It was the last section of the reports that Baggy and I had haggled over. We'd both been a little squeamish, and, with hindsight, we should have followed our instincts. Denial was not possible. "Yes," I said. "Upon what accurate facts did you base that question?" "It was a question I heard asked many times after the crime," I said. He flung the newspaper back on his table as if it were pure filth. He shook his head in mock bewilderment. "There are two children, right, Mr. Traynor?" "Yes. A boy and a girl." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "How old is the little boy?" "Five." "And how old is the little girl?" "Three." "And how old are you, Mr. Traynor?" "Twenty-three." "And in your twenty-three years, how many trials have you covered as a reporter?" "None." "How many trials have you seen, period?" "None." "Since you are so ignorant about trials, what type of legal research did you do in order to accurately prepare yourself for these stories?" At this point I would have probably turned the gun on myself. "Legal research?" I repeated, as if he were speaking another language. "Yes, Mr. Traynor. How many cases did you find where children age five or younger were allowed to testify in a criminal trial?" I glanced in the direction of Baggy, who, evidently was now under the wooden bench. "None," I said. "Perfect answer, Mr. Traynor. None. In the history of this state, no child under the age of eleven has ever testified in a criminal trial. Please write that down somewhere, and remember it the next time you attempt to inflame your readers with yellow journalism." "Enough, Mr. Wilbanks," Judge Loopus said, a little too gently for my liking. I think he and the other lawyers, probably including Harr...
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