The curbs and gutters were in and a grand opening was

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Unformatted text preview: er voice that she did not care for Mr. Everett Wainwright. "Good guy or bad buy?" "He had two sets of prices, one for the whites, a higher one for Negroes. His goods were never marked in any way, and he was the only cashier. A white customer would call out, 'Say, Mr. Wainwright, how much is this can of condensed milk?' and he'd holler back, 'Thirty-eight cents.' A minute later I would say, 'Pardon me, Mr. Wainwright, but how much is this can of condensed milk?' And he'd snap, 'Fifty-four cents.' He was very open about it. He didn't care." For almost nine years I'd heard stories of the old days. At times I thought I'd heard them all, but Miss Callie's collection was endless. "Why did you shop there?" "It was the only store where we could shop. Mr. Monty Griffin ran a nicer store behind the old moviehouse, but we couldn't shop there until twenty years ago." "Who stopped you?" "Mr. Monty Griffin. He didn't care if you had money, he didn't want any Negroes in his store." "And Mr. Wainwright didn't care?" "He cared all right. He didn't want us, but he would take our money." She told the story of a Negro boy who loitered around the store until Mr. Wainwright struck him with a broom and sent him away. For revenge, the boy broke into the store once or twice a year for a long time and was never caught. He stole cigarettes and candy, and he also splintered all the broom handles. "Is it true he left all his money to the Methodist church?" she asked. "That's the rumor." "How much?" "Around a hundred thousand dollars." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "Folks say he was trying to buy his way into heaven," she said. I had long since ceased to be amazed at the gossip Miss Callie heard from the other side of the tracks. Many of her friends worked as housekeepers over there. The maids knew everything. She had once again nudged the conversation to...
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