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Unformatted text preview: he could see and many he could not. "These idiots around here still support the war, can you believe that?" he said. "More than fifty thousand dead and now we're pulling out, and these people will argue with you on the streets of Clanton that it was a great cause." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "They don't argue with you," I said. "They do not. I've punched a couple of them. You play poker?" I did not, but I'd heard many colorful stories about various poker games around town. Quickly, I thought this might be interesting. "A little," I said, figuring I could either find a rule book or get Baggy to teach me. "We play on Thursday nights, in a shed at the nursery. Several guys who fought over there. You might enjoy it." "Tonight?" "Yeah, around eight. It's a small game, some beer, some pot, some war stories. My buddies want to meet you." "I'll be there," I said, wondering where I could find Baggy. - --- Four letters were slid under the door that afternoon, all four scathing in their criticism of me and my criticism of the war. Mr. E. L. Green, a veteran of two wars, and a longtime subscriber to theTimes, though that might soon change, said, among other things: If we don't stop Communism it will spread to every corner of the world. One day it will be at our doorstep, and our children and grandchildren will ask us why we didn't have the courage to stop it before it spread. Mr. Herbert Gillenwater's brother was killed in the Korean conflict. He wrote: His death was a tragedy I still struggle with each day. But he was a soldier, a hero, a proud American, and his death helped stop the North Koreans and their allies, the Red Chinese and the Russians. When we are too afraid to fight, then we will ourselves be conquered. Mr. Felix Toliver from down in Shady Grove suggested that perhaps I'd spent too much time up North where folks were notoriously gun-shy. He sai...
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