There were two primary theories roaring around the

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Unformatted text preview: the voters would otherwise get drunk and elect the wrong people. Another unbelievable law. "You got it," Harry Rex said, then finished his sandwich with one huge bite. He pulled an envelope off a shelf, opened it, then slid a large black-and-white photo across to me. "Busted, buddy," he said with a laugh. It was a photo of me, making my quick exit from Ginger's room at the motel on Thursday morning. I looked tired, hungover, guilty of something, but also oddly satisfied. "Who took this?" I asked. "One of my boys. He was working on a divorce case, saw your little Communist car pull in that night, decided to have some fun." "He wasn't the only one." "She's a hot one. He tried to shoot through the curtains, but couldn't get an angle." "Shall I autograph it for you?" Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "Just keep it." - --- After three hours of deliberation, the jury slipped a note to Judge Loopus. They were deadlocked and making little progress. He called things to order, and we raced across the street. If the jury could not reach a unanimous verdict for the death penalty, then, by law, the judge imposed a life sentence. Fear pervaded the crowd as we waited for the jurors. Something was going wrong back there. Had the Padgitts finally found their mark? Miss Callie was stonefaced, a look I'd never seen. Mrs. Barbara Baldwin had obviously been crying. Several of the men gave the impression that their fistfight had just been broken up, and that they were anxious to resume the brawl. The foreman stood and very nervously explained to His Honor that the jury was divided and had made absolutely no progress in the last hour. He was not optimistic about a unanimous verdict, and all were ready to go home. Judge Loopus then asked each juror if he or she thought a unanimous verdict could be reached. They unanimously said no. I could feel the anger rise among the crowd. People were fidgeting and wh...
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