Theres no threat of being arrested i assured him there

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Unformatted text preview: e went to the tonk once a week, where he shot pool and drank beer and never raised his voice. There were no loans or bills past due for more than sixty days. There appeared to be no illicit affairs or jealous husbands. "I can't find a motive," the Sheriff said. "It doesn't make sense." I told him about Malcolm's testimony in the Padgitt trial, and about how Danny threatened the jury. He listened intently, and said little afterward. I got the clear impression he preferred to stay in Tishomingo County and wanted no part of the Padgitts. "That could be your motive," I said when I finished. "Revenge?" "Sure. These are nasty people." "Oh, I've heard of them. Guess we're lucky we weren't on that jury, huh?" Driving back to Clanton, I could not erase the image of the Sheriff's face when he said that. Gone was the swagger of a well-armed man of the law. Spinner was truly grateful he was two counties away, and had nothing to do with the Padgitts. His investigation was dead. Case closed. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Chapter Twenty-Three The only Jew in Clanton was Mr. Harvey Kohn, a dapper little man who'd been selling shoes and handbags to ladies for decades. His store was on the square, next door to the Sullivan law firm, in a row of buildings he'd bought during the Depression. He was a widower and his children had fled Clanton after high school. Once a month Mr. Kohn drove to Tupelo to worship in the nearest synagogue. Kohn's Shoes aimed at the higher end of the market, which was tricky in a small town like Clanton. The few wealthy ladies in town preferred shopping in Memphis, where they could pay higher prices and talk about it back home. To make his shoes attractive, Mr. Kohn put shockingly high prices on them, then slashed them with deep discounts. The local ladies could then throw out any price they wanted when they showed off their latest purchases. He ran the store himsel...
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