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Unformatted text preview: sions were spun off and repeated, and enlarged yet again. I was curious as to how the stories were playing in Lowtown. "You told me on the phone you've been reading theTimes for fifty years," I said, almost belching. "Indeed I have." "Can you remember a more brutal crime?" She paused for a second as she reviewed five decades, then slowly shook her head. "No, I cannot." "Have you ever met a Padgitt?" "No. They stay on the island, and always have. Even their Negroes stay out there, making whiskey, doing their voodoo, all sorts of foolishness." "Voodoo?" "Yes, it's common knowledge on this side of the tracks. Nobody here messes with the Padgitt Negroes, never have." "Do people on this side of the tracks believe Danny Padgitt raped and killed her?" "The ones who read your newspaper certainly do." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, That stung more than she would ever know. "We just report the facts," I said smugly. "The boy was arrested. He's been charged. He's in jail awaiting trial." "Isn't there a presumption of innocence?" Another squirm on my side of the table. "Of course." "Do you think it was fair to use a photograph of him handcuffed, with blood on his shirt?" I was struck by her sense of fairness. Why would she, or any other black in Ford County, care if Danny Padgitt was treated fairly? Few people had ever worried about black defendants getting decent treatment by the police or the press. "He had blood on his shirt when he arrived at the jail. We didn't put it there." Neither one of us was enjoying this little debate. I took a sip of tea and found it difficult to swallow. I was stuffed all the way down. She looked at me with one of those smiles and had the nerve to say, "What about some dessert? I baked a banana pudding." I could not say no. Nor could I hold another bite. A compromise was cal...
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