Truth was no one connected to either the judicial

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Unformatted text preview: d eye contact, but he could do it only for a few seconds. Not surprisingly, he was soft-spoken, articulate, very polite. And quite thankful that I had been willing to step forward and explore the possibility of helping him. He thanked me for the courtesies and friendship I'd shown his mother. Bobby in Milwaukee had shown him theTimes stories. We talked about his siblings, his movements from UCLA to Duke, then to Toledo, then to Grinnell in Iowa. He couldn't live like that much longer. He was desperate for a resolution to the mess at home so he could get on with a normal life. He finished high school in Milwaukee, and planned eventually to go to law school. But he couldn't do it living like a fugitive. "There's a fair amount of pressure on me, you know," he said. "Seven brothers and sisters, seven PhD's." I described my fruitless search for an indictment, my inquiries to Sheriff Coley, and my conversation with Harry Rex about Mr. Durant's current mood. Sam thanked me profusely for this information, and for my willingness to get involved. "There's no threat of being arrested," I assured him. "There is, however, the threat of catching a bullet." "I'd rather be arrested," he said. "Me too." "He's a very scary man," Sam said of Mr. Durant. A story followed, one in which I did not get all the details. Seems as though Iris was now living in Memphis. Sam kept in touch. She had told him some horrible things about her ex-husband and her two teenaged boys and the threats they'd made against her. She was not welcome anywhere in Ford County. Her life might be in danger too. The boys repeatedly said they hated her and never wanted to see her again. She was a broken woman who was racked with guilt and suffering a nervous breakdown. "And it's my fault," Sam said. "I was raised better." Our meeting lasted an hour, and we promised to get together in a couple of weeks. He handed me two Generated by ABC...
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