Two of his deputies were outside the building

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Unformatted text preview: e trial. At that moment, each of the eight had a patrol car parked very near their front doors. I left and went to the office to work on the story about the murder of Mo Teale, but I was sidetracked by the lights at Harry Rex's. He was in his conference room, knee-deep in depositions and files and all sorts of lawyerly debris, the sight of which always gave me an instant headache. We grabbed two beers out of his small office refrigerator and went for a drive. In a working-class section of town known as Coventry we drove along a narrow street and passed a house with cars parked like fallen dominoes in the front yard. "That's where Maxine Root lives," he said. "She was on the jury." I vaguely remembered Mrs. Root. Her small red-brick house had no front porch to speak of, so her neighbors were scattered around the carport in folding lawn chairs. Rifles were visible. Every light in the house was on. A patrol car was parked by the mailbox, two deputies leaning on its hood, smoking cigarettes and watching us very closely as we drove by. Harry Rex stopped and said, "Evenin', Troy," to one of the deputies. "Hey, Harry Rex," Troy said, taking a step toward us. "Quite a party they got goin', huh?" "It'd take a fool to start trouble around here." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "We're just passin' by," Harry Rex said. "Better keep movin'," Troy said. "They got itchy fingers." "Take care." We eased away and swung around behind the livestock barn north of town where a long shady lane dead-ended near the water tower. Halfway down, the street was lined on both sides with cars. "Who lives here?" I asked. "Mr. Earl Youry. He sat on the back row, farthest from the spectators." A crowd was huddled on the front porch. Some sat on the steps. Others were in lawn chairs out on the grass. Somewhere in that pack Mr. Earl Youry was hidden and very well protected by his friends and neighbors. Miss Callie was no less defen...
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