Two youngsters were seen sprinting away from the

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Unformatted text preview: gh the pages of her handwritten notes. "Here it is," she said. "We gave our solemn promises that we would never talk about what happened in the jury room," she said, "but this is too important not to tell. When we found Mr. Padgitt guilty, the vote was quick and unanimous. But when we came to the issue of the death penalty, there was some opposition to it. I certainly didn't want to send anyone to die, but I had promised to follow the law. Things got very heated, there were sharp words, even some accusations and threats. Not a pleasant thing to sit through. When the battle lines became clear, there were three people opposed to the death penalty, and they were not about to change their minds." She showed me a page in her notebook. In her clear and distinctive handwriting there were two columns—one had nine names, the other had only three—L. Fargarson, Mo Teale, and Maxine Root. I gawked at the names, thinking that maybe I was looking at the killer's list. "When did you write this?" I asked. "I kept notes during the trial," she said. Why would Danny Padgitt be killing the jurors who refused to give him the death penalty? The ones who had effectively saved his life? "He's killing the wrong ones, isn't he?" Sam asked. "I mean, it's all wrong, but if you're out for revenge why go after the folks who tried to save you?" "As I said, it doesn't make sense," Miss Callie said. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "You're assuming too much," I said. "You're assuming he knows how each juror voted. As far as I know, and I snooped around for a long time, the jurors never told anyone how the vote went. The trial was overshadowed rather quickly by the desegregation order. Padgitt was shipped off to Parchman the same day he was found guilty. There's a good chance he's picking off the easy ones first, and Mr. Fargarson and Mr. Teale just happened to be more acc...
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