Typically though he faded after half an hour when the

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Unformatted text preview: old her with a scarf?" Padgitt was continually shaking his head as the narrative approached its climax. "And cut off her panties with your knife?" "No." "And you didn't rape her in her own bed, with her two little children asleep not far away?" "I did not." "And you didn't wake them with your noise?" "No." Ernie walked as close to the witness chair as the Judge would allow, and he looked sadly at his jury. Then he turned to Danny and said, "Michael and Teresa ran to check on their mother, didn't they, Mr. Padgitt?" "I don't know." "And they found you on top of her, didn't they?" "I wasn't there." "Rhoda heard their voices, didn't she? Did they yell at you, beg you to get off?" "I wasn't there." "And Rhoda did what any mother would do—she yelled for them to run, didn't she, Mr. Padgitt?" "I wasn't there." "You weren't there!" Ernie bellowed, and the walls seemed to shake. "Your shirt was there, your footprints were there, you left your semen there! You think this jury is stupid, Mr. Padgitt?" The witness kept shaking his head. Ernie walked slowly to his chair and pulled it from under the table. As he was about to sit, he said, "You're a rapist. You're a murderer. And you're a liar, aren't you, Mr. Padgitt?" Lucien was up and yelling. "Objection, Your Honor. This is enough." "Sustained. Any further questions, Mr. Gaddis?" "No, Your Honor, the State is finished with this witness." "Any redirect, Mr. Wilbanks?" "No, Your Honor." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html "The witness may step down." Danny slowly got to his feet. Long gone was the smirk, the swagger. His face was red with anger and wet with sweat. As he was about to step out of the witness box and return to the defense table, he suddenly turned to the jur...
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