We didnt stop until he could speak with the deputies

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Unformatted text preview: y, Wyoming? It seemed odd that he would be required to stay close to where he committed his crimes. Get rid of him! "Sheriff McNatt would like to talk to him," I said. "Oh does he? Why should that concern you and me? Tell the Sheriff to go talk to him." "It's not that simple, Lucien, and you know it," Harry Rex said. "Does the Sheriff have any proof against my client? Any evidence? Ever hear of probable cause, Harry Rex? You can't just round up the usual suspects, you know? Takes a little more than that." "There was a direct threat against the jurors," I said. "Nine years ago." "It was still a threat, and we all remember it. Now, two weeks after he's paroled, one of his jurors is dead." "That's not enough, fellas. Show me more and I might consult with my client. Right now there's nothing but naked speculation. Plenty of it, but this town's always good for a flood of gossip." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html "You don't know where he is, do you, Lucien?" Harry Rex said. "I assume he's on the island, with the rest of them." He used the word "them" as if they were a bunch of rats. "What happens if another juror gets shot?" Harry Rex pressed on. Lucien dropped a legal pad on his desk and rested there on his elbows. "What am I supposed to do, Harry Rex? Call the boy up, say 'Hey, Danny, I'm sure you're not killin' your jurors, but, if by chance you are, then, hey, be a good boy and stop it.' You think he'll listen to me? This wouldn't have happened if the idiot had followed my advice. I insisted that he not take the stand in his own defense. He's an idiot, okay, Harry Rex! You're a lawyer, God knows you've had idiot clients. You can't do a damned thing to control them." "What happens if another juror gets shot?" Harry Rex repeated. "Then I guess another juror will die." I jumped to my feet and headed for the door. "You'...
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