We grabbed two beers out of his small office

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Unformatted text preview: nest bitch in town." I think she heard him. It was obvious they had been catfighting for many years. Her boss was in. What did we want? "We want to see Lucien," Harry Rex said. "Why else would we be here?" She rang him up as we waited. "I don't have all day!" Harry Rex snapped at her at one point. "Go ahead," she said, more to get rid of us than anything else. We climbed the steps. Lucien's office was huge, at least thirty feet wide and long with ten-foot ceilings and a row of French doors overlooking the Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html square. It was on the north side, directly across from theTimes, with the courthouse in between. Thankfully, I couldn't see Lucien's balcony from my porch. He greeted us indifferently, as if we had interrupted a long serious meditation. Though it was early, his cluttered desk gave the impression of a man who'd worked all night. He had long grayish hair that ran down his neck, and an unfashionable goatee, and the tired red eyes of a serious drinker. "What's the occasion?" he asked, very slowly. We glared at each other, both conveying as much contempt as possible. "Had a murder yesterday, Lucien," Harry Rex said. "Lenny Fargarson, that crippled boy on the jury." "I'm assuming this is off the record," he said in my direction. "It is," I said. "Completely. Sheriff McNatt asked me to stop by and say hello. I invited Harry Rex." "So we're just socializing?" "Maybe. Just having a little gossip about the murder," I said. "I got the details," he said. "Have you talked to Danny Padgitt lately?" Harry Rex asked. "Not since he was paroled." "Is he in the county?" "He's in the state, I'm not sure exactly where. If he crosses the state line without permission he violates the conditions of his parole." Why couldn't they parole him to, sa...
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