Grisham John The Last Juror

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Unformatted text preview: with widening the range of his obituaries than with a commitment to the fair treatment of all. But I had learned how important dying was to black folks—the ritual of the wake, often lasting a week; the marathon memorial services, with open caskets and much wailing; the mile-long funeral processions; and, lastly, the final graveside farewells fraught with emotion. When Spot had so radically opened his obituary page to blacks he had become a hero in Lowtown. "Afine man," I said, reaching for my third pork chop. I was beginning to ache a bit, but there was so much food left on the table! Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "You're doing him proud with your obituaries," she said with a warm smile. "Thank you. I'm still learning." "You have courage too, Mr. Traynor." "Could you call me Willie? I'm only twenty-three." "I prefer Mr. Traynor." And that issue was settled. It would take four years before she could break down and use my first name. "You have no fear of the Padgitt family," she announced. That was news to me. "It's just part of my job," I said. "Do you expect the intimidation to continue?" "Probably so. They are accustomed to getting whatever they want. They are violent, ruthless people, but a free press must endure." Who was I kidding? One more bomb or assault and I'd be back in Memphis before sunrise. She stopped eating and her eyes turned toward the street, where she looked at nothing in particular. She was deep in thought. I, of course, kept stuffing my face. Finally, she said, "Those poor little children. Seeing their mother like that." That image finally caused my fork to stop. I wiped my mouth, took a long breath, and let the food settle for a moment. The horror of the crime was left to everyone's imagination, and for days Clanton had whispered about little else. As always happens, the whispers and rumors got amplified, different ver...
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