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Unformatted text preview: - --- After two hours of waiting in vain for the ground to shake, the town was ready for lunch. The crowd broke up and drifted away. The expert from the state crime lab finally arrived and went to work in the printing room. I wasn't allowed in the building, which was fine with me. Margaret, Wiley, and I had a sandwich in the gazebo on the courthouse lawn. We ate quietly, chatted briefly, the three of us keeping an eye on our office across the street. Occasionally someone would see us and stop for an awkward word or two. What do you say to bombing victims when the bomb doesn't go off? Fortunately, the townsfolk had had little practice in that area. We collected some sympathy and a few offers of help. Sheriff Coley ambled over and gave a preliminary report on our bomb. The clock was of the wind-up alarm variety, available in stores everywhere. At first glance the expert thought there was a problem with the wiring. Very amateurish, he said. "How will you investigate this?" I asked with an edge. "We'll check for prints, see if we can find any witnesses. The usual." "Will you talk to the Padgitts?" I asked, even edgier. I was, after all, in the presence of my employees. And though I was scared to death, I wanted to impress them with how utterly fearless I was. "You know somethin' I don't?" he shot back. "They're suspects, aren't they?" "Are you the Sheriff now?" "They're the most experienced arsonists in the county, been burning buildings for years with impunity. Their lawyer threatened me in court last week. We've had Danny Padgitt on the front page twice. If they're not suspects, then who is?" "Just go ahead and write the story, son. Call 'em by name. You seem determined to get sued anyway." "I'll take care of the paper," I said. "You catch the criminals." He tipped his hat to Margaret and walked away. "Next year's reelection year," Wiley said as we watched Coley stop an...
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